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Onions and Wonder Woman...The Truth behind the Photo

The truth behind last week's Rae Sevens 52 Challenge photo of "layers" may just make you laugh! What you saw was that photo of an onion with layers....crisp and clear, keylight enhanced, backlit, with a fancy blue backdrop....WA! It lookEd awesome! I mean...if you are looking for an onion photographer, I am your girl! Right? LOL!

If only you could have seen the set up below, up close and personal. The truth is that I cut this onion in my kitchen and I was starting to tear up. It was strong! But when you’re looking for a picture inspired by layers, it has to be onions. I thought about layered hair, layers for the cold weather, cake layers, and even seven layer dip! Onions just seemed like the way to go. The setup was my on stove top. I used the light on my range hood and two cell phones with their flashlights on leaning up against coffee mugs...Wonder Woman and a glitter Spiderman Mug. The fancy backdrop was a not-so-fancy pashmina wrap in blue that I bought it at Wal-Mart a few years ago. It is a very soothing blue color that I really love! That's why I was encouraging you to read this blog last week when I posted the photo. I posted the black and white because I felt you could see the layers in it better like I mentioned in the photo challenge posting, but I really liked how the blue backdrop pops! And now you can see it!

Anyways, I carefully draped that blue, Wal-Mart pasmina wrap on the stove top and held it up by shoving it in the cabinets over the counters and slamming them close before the corners fell out. As I began taking test shots, I was really annoyed how the onions looked in the light. It was hard to see the layers in the white onion even though they were clearly there to my naked eye. I had a hard time finding them in the photo. I was determined to make them shine so I flipped and flopped those onion pieces into about twenty different positions before landing on the final one. (Have I mentioned how many times I had to wash the onion oils off my hands? I'll let you guess....) Then I pulled one of the cell phone lights up close to the back of the onion and it looked as if it were onion straight from Heaven! Hallelujah!

I used my Canon 80D with the 24-70mm lens so I cranked down that thing as close as I could and zoomed in on those layers. Followed that with the focus button over and over until it was perfect....(Cue the shutter button noise.) CLICK!!!!

And there you have it...the truth behind the photo.

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