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Rae Sevens Photography RSP52Challenge - Week 1 “Routine”

My intention is to blog each week on the photo I took for the #rsp52challenge. This picture was fun to take! I wanted to take this with my buddy in the background of a sea of books. The bright colors of the books as well as walls really bring life to the photo. I had him move back a couple aisles and brought my F-stop down to the lowest point my lens could at 2.8 to add as much compression as possible. That’s what makes the background look kind of fuzzy. During the editing process I even highlighted his face with the selection tool and pulled down the clarity to make him a little extra blurry. I also brought the color out a bit more with the saturation tool. I tried to take the photo at book level to get a different perspective. I find myself doing that a lot...bending down or over or somewhere funny to look at the frame from a different angle. Sometimes a different perspective is just what the photo needs!

Routine is definitely the inspiration behind the photo. We go to the library at least once a week on Tuesday mornings. He loves reading books and the elementary teacher in me loves being there too!

Don't forget to go back to Instagram or Facebook and join me in this challenge! Find the post with the first week of the challenge and put up your own photo of “Routine” in the comments. Add the hashtag #rsp52challenge to your post so we can check out all the photos throughout the year!


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