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Road trip!

I knew this week was going to be a rough one. I had a lot to get done and driving around looking for a sign which was the challenge for this week was going to be difficult. But when I realized I still owed my sister a road trip that I promised her at Christmas, I decided that’s when I would get a good picture of a sign. We were headed to the border of Ohio and Indiana on I70. I thought I am going to get a photo of that giant candle sign at the Warm Glow Candle Outlet! I’m a genius! Well let me tell you how I am NOT a genius. LOL! It’s great when you drive by and see that crazy big sign with a giant candle but it’s another to take a good photo of it! I think I would have to walk over to the next county to get a good picture of that giant candle! This is when you realize that what you see with your eyes is not always what you see in the camera. And that having a different lens for different jobs becomes very important. To get a picture like that I really need a wide angle lens. That is something I don’t have. So as usual, I am adding to my birthday/Christmas list. I just wish they weren’t so far away!

So plan number two: Go on in and enjoy your lunch. Then go look around. You never what you will find in a big outlet like this! So that’s what I did. And wouldn’t you know I found a whole bunch of signs with funny sayings. The one I found that spoke to me the most was the one I took a photo of and posted.

It just made me laugh when I saw it. I mean really....isn’t that the truth?

To get the photo, I rearranged a little table To where the sign set out by itself. I wanted that compression (or fuzziness) behind it so I made sure there were plenty of things in the background. I cranked my F-stop down to 2.8, the lowest my lens will go and stepped back just a little. Also, taking the photo at eye level meant bending down to the table level. That sometimes makes all the difference in the perspective of the sign to everything around it.

I think it it turned out well! And just for fun, here are a few pics of my fam that we took on the trip. Enjoy!

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