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The Tree with a Runny Nose

Who has a tissue for this poor tree? This is exactly what I was looked like the day I went out to take these photos! Welcome to Week 3 blog post of the #RSP52Challenge. This week's topic was a great one...Nature! I feel like nature is such an open ended topic. You could interpret it so many different ways. Think about it. Anything from a sunset at the ocean to a snowflake on the ground. That is also why I loved this topic! There were lots of things to photograph and then decide later which one I would post. The picture I ended up posting is the one below.

It's amazing how the ice formed around the berries and looked as though it was about to drip off! I took this photo in the back corner of my yard. It was a bit tricky to get back to the tree where I found these few pops of red. Most everything was covered with snow or a lovely winter brown, but I was looking for a touch of color. I trudged through the snow with my camera in one gloved hand, holding back frozen limbs with the other. It was bitterly cold out and I was a little nervous for my camera. I kept looking through the eyepiece...glancing all around me for the perfect photo. I was manually focusing so I would lean in and out from my subject, checking on different perspectives. If you had been observing me from behind, you may have wondered what on earth I was doing in the back corner of the yard, weaving back and forth. It probably looked like I was about to faint! It was fine. It was nothing a little Kenyan chai couldn't warm up when I got back in the house!

I told you in my post that I took a few other photos that day. I'll post them below so you can see them.

I really liked how the snow and ice covered every little nook and cranny of the tree trunk. This is the same tree trunk with the runny nose photo from above.

Take a close look at this photo. Notice how it is the same berries on the same little vine as the photo I posted in the challenge. Do you see how just changing position with a different angle and moving in closer to the subject, it looks like a completely different scene. The background is more compressed (fuzzy looking), there is less brown in the background, and the drops of ice look longer. This is a good example of how just changing the distance from the subject even just a few inches can make a completely different photo. I decided to use the first photo for the #RSP52Challenge photo because I liked the additional contrast (more darks and lights) in the first photo. It's all just personal preference. That's what people mean when they talk about art being subjective. It just depends on what you like.

I am so happy that someone took me up on posting their own photo in the comment section of Facebook post of the challenge. Anyone else? Feel free to join me! Week 4 is together or glow. Since I've posted photos of a glow stick, I think I have decided to go with together. Check out my photo this weekend to find out what it looks like!

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