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This girl? Not a chance! I'm moving on.

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

Alright, so we are jumping back to week 4 on this blog! Can you believe we are already into February? Makes me happy! The further into winter we are, the closer to spring we get!

The topic for this week is "Together." I struggled with what to use as my subject for this topic. I thought about taking a photo of my husband and I together. Of course, he quickly shot that down. LOL! Not because he doesn't want a photo with me. Actually, he is very supportive, not only in our marriage, but also on a personal level he really challenges me to grow. Photography is one of the areas he pushes a lot! So his immediate reaction was a comment that didn't surprise me. "Come on, Steph. That is so cliche." He was right. It was. "You can think of something more interesting than that!" And......I think I did. I think.

Now, I don't know about you, but when I need some inspiration I turn to the internet! Why reinvent the wheel, right? So Google, it was up to you! I searched "together" but clicked on the image button so I could see what people have either drawn or photographed that matched the description. Over and over, I kept seeing puzzle pieces with slogans about being together and I knew that I had to try it.

I felt like it was a little difficult to find the right puzzle to use. I bugged my sister for a puzzle but the pieces were tiny and the number of pieces was daunting, 750! Whoa, that is way past my comfort level with puzzles!

In fact, I have always hated puzzles. I've always felt like I have plenty of things in real life to figure out. Why torture myself with connecting little pieces of cardboard together? Especially when it will just get torn apart again! And you can bet your bippy that if I can't find a couple of pieces that go together in under 60 seconds, the last born carefree attitude in me comes out and I will quit doing that puzzle in a hot second! Doesn't matter to me! Done or not, it is going back in the box. I have a few family members that will leave a puzzle out for weeks. They have a card table set up in the living room and keep going back to it to find more pieces. This girl? Not a chance! I'm moving on.

So I called the neighbor with a couple kids and asked if they had a puzzle I could borrow.....wink, wink. More yo have a (pretend to borrow but really I plan to dump on your kitchen table and see who will join in the puzzle making) puzzle? And it turns out she did! In fact, it was just 200 pieces and had great coloring. Actually as it turns out, it only had 199.

I dumped out the puzzle and started separating the pieces making sure they were all "the right side up." I thought, "This is going to make a great photo!" I'll try to get a photo of someone putting a piece into the puzzle. Do you remember that I wrote about taking photos from a different perspective a week or two? I started to try to take a photo from overhead. This had a couple problems. First, when I took the photo from the top, it looked so flat. Yuck! It didn't look nice at all. I decided that I would bend down and get a photo from eye level with the table like the one below. Now that was going to work.

The second problem was that taking the photo from up above left a big shadow on the puzzle. The lighting in the room came from right overhead. When I tried to take the photo from up there, the camera and my hands were right under the light. Now that was not going to work!

Then suddenly it wasn't just one or two hands in the photo putting pieces together. I had hands all over the place. I realized that the this photo I was trying to take of putting a puzzle together just moved up a level. It was now a family working "together" while putting a puzzle "together!" So much togetherness going on!

For the most part, I did not prompt them to point or move their hands in any certain way or direction. I just let them out the puzzle together. I kept taking photos to see which one I felt was the most interesting. I decided that I liked the photo better when there was a hand in the foreground and other hands further back to create some depth to the photo. Here is an example.

The photo I actually used for the challenge this week is not shown in the blog. Go back to the Facebook post and see why you think I chose that one over this one. Any guesses? Put a comment below!

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