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About Me

So my first name isn't Rae....It's Stephanie. Stephanie Rae. And I'm from a big family. Like a HUGE family. I'm the seventh born, the last born. Some might even say the baby. I never heard my middle name unless I was in trouble. But being the last born gives you special skill set that fits right into photography. 

As a kid I had to learn patience, always waiting on my sisters to get out of the bathroom. I had to be observant and notice what everyone else got in trouble for and try to not do it myself. People skills helped me smooth talk my way out of situations and persuade my siblings into doing what I wanted to do. 

As a photographer, I need patience to wait on the perfect moment. Being observant helps me to notice details of a photo. The people skills I have developed helps my clients to feel at ease while being photographed, resulting in amazing shots.

Over the years, I have seen many places around the world. I have lived in other cultures, learned new languages, and been amazed by the people. I have been a teacher and I have been a student. I will always continue to learn...whether it is about the world, the people in it, or life. And I will always continue to learn about photography.

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